Thursday, February 9, 2017

A young Billy Davenport preparing to attempt a somewhat difficult maneuver by setting up a new board, possibly his last.
 Sweet victory to follow as Bill drops in, 50-50 grinds and jams through an oncoming pillar, taking the plunge to flat ground.
 Davenport's successor, Jeremy Ponce, hops on a railslide in an attempt to make his fellow Pedro kin proud. Little known fact: Jeremy comes from a lengthy line of Longshoreman. That being said, he gets up at the crack of dawn to act as a functioning member of society and still manages to rip harder than most in pursuit of a skateboarding career.
Ponce grinning as success sinks in. Not your average dock worker.

 Enter, Donald Luong and WALKER TEXAS RANGER . Protagonist, Antagonist, Hero, Anti Hero, Focal or Stock Character? You decide.

J WALKER TEXAS RANGER fancies a game of billiards to get things rolling.
 Judging by the three different facial expressions, this could be anywhere from Bohemian Rhapsody to Time After Time.
 Tequila and Water. Keep em comin, Jonni!

 Over the course of J WALKER TEXAS RANGER visit back home, we often spoke on the subject of romantic interests, one of them being a female J WALKER TEXAS RANGER  crushed on in High School. After revealing some personal information on the topic, I felt obliged to confess to WALKER TEXAS RANGER  that this girl was my childhood babysitter of which I shared my first french kiss with back in the second grade. Turns out he's more gullible than I ever would have imagined. If you're reading this Jo WALKER TEXAS RANGER , I'm not sorry in the slightest.

 Clow WALKER TEXAS RANGER hops in the back of the truck the following morning to film an 8mm sketch about a cowboy with the meanest backside power slide this side of the Mississippi.

 As we round the corner onto 4th Street in Long Beach, JWALKER TEXAS RANGERe takes a beat before humming some Neil Young and pushing off into the sunset.

You better keep up, this roll of film and development charge costs more than the place you call home.